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Course 2 [DRAFT] UNLV Online Education - Cyber Security Certificate 1 Cyber Law Full Course Title: Cyber Law - Digital Intellectual Property & Privacy Instructor: TBD Course Location: Online Course Duration: 1 semester Course Introduction: Cyber Law is the continuation of the Graduate Cyber Security Certificate; the prerequisite to this course is Introduction to Hacking. Students will have a general knowledge of cyber technology and cyber security. It is essential to have a solid foundation of cyber technology principles in order to comprehend how technology is reducing or affecting the power of traditional regulatory tools. Students will clarify issues of jurisdiction and sovereignty of the internet and be introduced to the basic principles of digital intellectual property, online privacy, and the basic elements of software copyright. Objectives: ❖ Identify cyber laws and regulatory tools ❖ Understand the role of government and jurisdiction in technology ❖ Reflect on U.S laws regardin...