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Seite 1 von 11 terpatent Patentanwälte Patent Attorneys Data Protection Information for Inventors, Contact Persons and Clients Below you will get a detailed overview, which data about your person – as an inventor, contact person or client – we collect and how we process them. We also inform you about your privacy rights and point out to whom you can refer with questions about the data processing. Responsible for data processing: terpatent Patentanwälte ter Smitten Eberlein-Van Hoof Rütten Daubert Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB Burgunderstraße 29 40549 Düsseldorf [email protected] Concerning questions about this Data Protection Information, processing of your data, your rights or other Data Protection themes, our Data Protection Officer (DPO) would be pleased to help you. Contact data of our data protection officer (DPO): Xamit Bewertungsgesellschaft mbH Monschauer Str. 12 40549 Düsseldorf [email protected] I. Terms and Definitions Hereinafter it will be spoken a lot of personal data and da...