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david baileysculpture + I’m not saying I’m a sculptor, I just make images. I don’t take photographs, I make them and now I’m making something else. david bailey david bailey: the vitality of mortalityDalibronzeedition of ?182 cm high inc. baseThe principal characteristics that distinguish david bailey’s artworks in all media are their spontaneity and direct communicativeness. He consistently pares down visual data to its essence, whether he is confronted by a given object in front of his lens or physically manipulating or constructing other materials. The new sculptures reflect his personality – witty and sharp, they provoke an immediate and authentic response: moreover, despite his instinctive distrust of over-intell- ectualisation, they evidently share an underlying seriousness as well as a delight in their fabrication. The remarkable, visceral objects that are the outcome of his collaboration with the foundry Pangolin editions are the most recent testament to the restless imaginatio...