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October 4, 2010Exam 2 back Wednesday, Movie on Supernovae FridayReading Chapter 7Astronomy in the News? Possible planet, Gleise581g, in the liquidwater habitable zone of planet of 3-4 Earth masses. 20 Light years awaytoward Libra. Dim red host star. 37 day orbit, 4 million miles. One of 6planets. Tidally locked. Dim stars good search targets first pointed outby John Scalo.NASA funding passes Congress – kill Moon program, aim for anasteroid or Mars, less $ for new technology, need new heavy lift rocket.Pic of the Day – Panorama of Mars Goal – to understand the nature of a newclass of super-luminous supernovae A New Type of SupernovaA New Type of SupernovaBy far the most dramatic discovery by Robert Quimby and theTexas Supernova Search was a whole new class of “super-luminous” supernovae, of order 10 to 100 times brighter thanthe classical types.SN 2005apSN 2006gySN 2006tfSN 2008esSN 2008am (Manos working on this now)