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102With this spacer, 4 different joint dimensions can be set when laying the boards (4, 5, 6 and 8 mm).If deck boards are to be screwed directly, ie visibly, the Tenax serves as a spacer to the underlay to prevent waterlogging in the joint. By placing the boards on top, the joint gap of 6 mm and the clearance to the substructure are set. • Optimum back ventilation• Optimum clearanceThe tension clamp is an essential aid for laying deck boards. Use at least 4 tension clamps to bring the boards into shape along their whole length. Along with the spacers, for example, this achieves an even joint pattern with straight deck boards.Pilot drilling is strongly recommended for fastening tropical woods/hardwoods. This is advisable even with the relatively easily splittable Douglas fir, and when screwing close to wood cut against the grain.• Boring and countersinking in a single pass• Screwing torque for inserting Terrassotec and Hapatec screws is greatly reduced, ie no more shearing of the screws...