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DEGAS' LITTLE DANCER A Play for Young Audiences by WESLEY MIDDLETON Dramatic Publishing Woodstock, Dlinois • England. Australia • New Zealand © The Dramatic Publishing Company, Woodstock, Illinois *** NOTICE *** The amateur and stock acting rights to this work are controlled exclusively by THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY without whose pennission in writing no performance of it may be given. Royalty fees are given in our current catalog and are subject to change without notice. Royalty must be paid every time a play is perfonned whether or not it is presented for profit and whether or not admission is charged. A play is perfonned any time it is acted before an audience. All inquiries concerning amateur and stock rights should be addressed to: DRAMATIC PUBLISHING P. O. Box 129, Woodstock. Illinois 60098 COPYRiGHT LAW GIVES THE AUTHOR OR THE AUTHOR'S AGENT THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO MAKE COPIES. This law provides authors with a fair return for their creative efforts. Authors earn their living...