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1 DANIEL LEE CURRICULUM VITAE 2021-22 Specializations Political Theory The Theory of Sovereignty; Theory of the State; Democratic Theory; Constitutionalism; Republicanism Jurisprudence Roman Law (Property, Obligations, Delict); Law of Nations; Theory of Rights; Philosophy of Law; Public Law; Medieval and Renaissance Legal History; History of Public International Law History of Political Thought Later Medieval and Early Modern Political Thought (c.1200 – c.1700); Reception of Classical Law and Political Philosophy; Legal and Political Thought of Jean Bodin and Hugo Grotius Academic Appointments Principal Appointments 2015 – present University of California, Berkeley Associate Professor of Political Science Affiliated Faculty: Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Designated Emphasis Affiliated Faculty: Berkeley Program in Medieval Studies 2011 – 15 University of Toronto Assistant Professor of Political Science: University of Toronto Scarborough 2010 – 11 Columbia University The Society of ...