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Bulletin 2022-23Department of Biochemistry and MolecularBiophysics (11/01/22)Department ofBiochemistry andMolecular BiophysicsWebsite:http://biochem.wustl.eduCoursesThe Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysicsalso offers courses through the School of Arts & Sciences.For a full listing of courses offered, please visit theuniversity's online course catalog (https://courses.wustl.edu/CourseInfo.aspx?sch=L&dept=L41&crslvl=5:9).Visit online course listings to view offerings for M15 Biochem(https://courses.wustl.edu/CourseInfo.aspx?sch=M&dept=M15).M15 Biochem 502 Molecular Foundations of MedicineThis course is designed primarily for medical students and willcover fundamental aspects of biochemistry and cell biology.The course begins with a treatment of protein structure andthe function of proteins in the cytoskeleton and cell motility.The principles of enzyme kinetics and regulation are thendiscussed and basic pathways for the synthesis and metabolismof carbohydrates and lipids ar...