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1 Department of BiologyDEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGYMichael Smith, Department ChairKelly Thompson Hall 3007(270) [email protected]•Biology, Certificate (0493) (http://catalog.wku.edu/graduate/science-engineering/biology/biology-certificate/)•Biology, Master of Science (056) (http://catalog.wku.edu/graduate/science-engineering/biology/biology-ms/)FacultyProfessorCarl W. Dick PhD (Zoology), Texas Tech University, 2005Scott A. Grubbs PhD (Biological Sciences, Ecology and Evolution),University of Pitts Pittsburgh Camp, 1997Stephen H. Huskey PhD (Biological Sciences), Florida InstituteTechnology, 2003Jarrett R. Johnson PhD (Biology), University of Missouri-Columbia, 2005Rodney A. King PhD (Microbiology and Immunology), VirginiaCommonwealth University, 1993Douglas McElroy PhD (Zoology), University of Maine - Orono, 1992Albert J. Meier PhD (Zoology), University of Georgia, 1995Thomas K. Philips PhD (Entomology), The Ohio State University MainCampus, 1997Bruce A. Schulte PhD (Environmental...