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1 Department of BiologyDEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGYDr. Michael Smith, ChairKelly Thompson Hall, Office 3035Phone: 270-745-2405; Fax: 270-745-6856 Website: http://www.wku.edu/biology (http://www.wku.edu/biology/)Students interested in biology are presented with a variety of dynamiceducational opportunities. These opportunities, involving diversebiological subdisciplines from molecules to ecosystems, challenge thestudents of biology in one of the most exciting eras of human history.The Department of Biology is dedicated to producing well-informed,scientifically literate graduates capable of applying the knowledge andskills acquired to ensure professional success and lifelong learning.Undergraduate students collaborate with biology faculty on an arrayof interesting research topics. By applying what they have learnedfrom time in the classroom to their involvement with research projects,students can more smoothly make the transition to professional andgraduate programs and the work force. Modern cla...