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Department of Sociology 1Department of SociologyDavid J. Frank, Department Chair 4107 Social Science Plaza A 949-824-1117 http://www.sociology.uci.edu/Sociology involves the study of societies and human groups. It examines social conflict and cooperation, inequality and the social organization offamilies, communities, workplaces and nations. The program at UCI covers the breadth of the discipline while giving students opportunities to conductindependent research, participate in an Honors Program, and to take advantage of departmental opportunities in such areas as business, economyand organizations; diversity and inequality; global and international sociology; and social problems and public policy. All students take basic courses onsocial institutions, theory and methods. Students then take more specialized courses such as race and ethnicity, social psychology, sociology of gender,or political sociology. Courses are enriched by ongoing faculty research on such topics as the work and fa...