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Department of Sociology 1DEPARTMENT OF SOCIOLOGYMission: The mission of the Department of Sociology is to equip studentscholars with the theoretical, methodological, and substantive knowledge tobe professionally competent practitioners devoted to the public good.The Department of Sociology is a community of learners dedicated tounderstanding the socio-cultural forces shaping the life experiences ofhuman populations. The program is based on an applied, active-learningeducational model that emphasizes faculty-student collaborationto engage the work of sociologists at the community level. Thedepartment's faculty offer rigorous training in Sociological Theory,Research Design and Methods, and selective substantive areas includingCriminology and Criminal Justice, Immigration and Migrant studies,Public Health, Social Work, and Social Inequality and Justice. We striveto cultivate in our students a moral vision of professional life so theyremain committed to advancing public good in the vocatio...