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1 Duke Gardens Summer Fun at Home: Gardening with Community DESIGN YOUR COMMUNITY GARDEN Gardens can be a place where communities get the things they need, right in their own neighborhood. WHAT SHOULD GO IN YOUR COMMUNITY GARDEN? Look at the garden you planned on Tuesday. Is there anything you would change about it? Talk to other people in your family or in your neighborhood. What would they like to have in a garden? Think about the members of your community that aren’t people – this includes pets, wild animals, and the plants that are already growing outside. What do you think would be helpful to them to have in a garden? DESIGN YOUR COMMUNITY GARDEN 1. Decide on the reasons for your community garden. What do you and the members of your community want to have in a garden? Food? Beauty? Native plants? Medicine? Low maintenance plants? What else? 2. Decide on what to include in your garden and where your garden could be. What kinds of plants do you want? Will they be in your yard, a sha...