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Copyright © 2018 by Peter VEJRUMPublished by the International Association for Designing a 3D-printed gold plated sculptural art piece based on color information in paintingsPeterÅboulevarden1. Abstract The following paper describes the unique result of a partnership between artist and engineer to create an abstract sculptural art piece, in the form of The shell was form-found based on information extracted from the artist’s With only few months to complete design and fabrication we began this unusual interdisciplinary experiment by conceptualizing a sculpture in the artist’s exhibition. glitches and we set out to create an algorithm that wouldand use that information to formgenerative algorithm would extract color data from the predetermined initial free form surface. The artist would then select a for which the algorithm should return the desired initial shapethe initial shape for only this paintingshape would be deformed based on color distaand glitchy shapes. Deformation was handle...