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Designing the High Rise Building from the Inside/Out77the ‘board’ room. The secretarial pool was created to sup-port these otherworldly executives (e.g.,“Mad Men”), andthe minions were again sat at the infamous bench seating,often shoulder to shoulder with their compatriots, nowtyping away on documents of significance.There was a brief moment of exuberance and excess inthe 1980’s when the two eras I just described seemed tomerge. The eclectic character of the 1920’s and the pureform and standardization of the 1950’s generated the‘gilded temples’ of the post-modern era. The desire to ref-erence historical styles of architecture and design createda questionable step forward in the design of the high-rise.Buildings such as Philip Johnson’s AT&T Building inNew York (Fig. 5), with a pediment that recalls a piece ofChippendale furniture, showcase that era’s sensibility. Notmuch had changed from an interior spatial perspective,albeit interior finishes had perhaps more glitz to fuel thesavings...