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Designing your front gardenyarrabilba.com.au 1800 721 856Find us on facebook.com/myyarrabilba/ Your gardenYour garden is your personal haven, a sanctuary from your day to day life. It can be a place and a focal point in your life where you can relax and entertain. It will form a part of your communities overall habitat and biodiversity, with native birds and other wildlife attracted to your garden.The following guide has been created to help you plan your new garden. It’s time to get excited and start planning!Contents Page 05 Garden Design Principles Things to consider when planning your garden07 Designing a Sustainable Garden Planning wisely for the future08 Garden Components and Structures The elements that make up your garden10 Design for Local Conditions Design for your homes location12 Garden Styles Ideas for designing a great garden Yarrabilba Plant Palette What to consider when selecting plants Planting lists Garden Style 1 Informal Native Garden Garden Style 2 Contemporary Gar...