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Preface xixAnastacia Kurylo, Marymount Manhattan CollegeA Diverse Approach to Studying Intercultural Communication With an Inclusive View of Culture xixLearning Goals xxiFeatures xxiiOrganization of the Text xxiiiAcknowledgments xxvNote to Students xxviiAnastacia Kurylo, Marymount Manhattan CollegePART I: INTRODUCTION TO INTER/CULTURAL COMMUNICATION 1Chapter 1: Culture and Communication 3Anastacia Kurylo, Marymount Manhattan CollegeCulture 3Communication 4Symbols as Cultural Representation 5Symbols as Cultural Construction 5Intercultural and Cultural Communication 5Cultural Generalizations Versus Individual Behavior 6Reasons to Study Inter/Cultural Communication 8Intercultural Imperatives 12Demographic Imperative 12Economic Imperative 12Ethical Imperative 12Peace Imperative 13Self-Awareness Imperative 14Technological Imperative 14Approaches to the Study of Intercultural Communication 15Social Scientific Approach 15Social Construction Approach 16Weaving Two Dominant Approaches 19Final T...