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DHL TMS SERVICE PHASE OUT May 21st, 2020 This is an advanced notification regarding upcoming changes on how Boeing will manage transportation requests currently being supported by the DHL Transportation Management System (TMS). Beginning June 1st, 2020, the following services and DHL account User IDs will begin to be deactivated from DHL TMS: Phase I --  Small parcel (domestic & international)  Boeing Licensed Transportation (BLT)  Less Than Truck Load (LTL)  Heavy Weight Air (HWA)  International (Freight Forwarders) Phase II --  Dedicated Truck Lanes  Ad Hoc FTL Requests  TMX/RMAS Notable Dates: Phase I 5/18 - 5/31 Internal and external training sessions will occur and suppliers will continue to arrange shipments as per normal process until they attend one training session 6/1 Transition to new process of arranging shipment modes for phase I and II 6/15 DHL account user IDs will be completely deactivated Phase II (Dates notional) 7/1 Static lanes set up and new FTL intake proc...