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This document is downloaded from DR‑NTU (https://dr.ntu.edu.sg)Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.Diachronic Toponomastics and LanguageReconstruction in South‑East Asia According to anExperimental Convergent Methodology: Abui as aCase‑StudyPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Cavallaro, Francesco; Kratochvil, Frantisek2015Perono Cacciafoco, F., Cavallaro, F., & Kratochvil, F. (2015). Diachronic Toponomastics andLanguage Reconstruction in South‑East Asia According to an Experimental ConvergentMethodology: Abui as a Case‑Study. Review of Historical Geography and Toponomastics,10(19‑20), 29‑47.https://hdl.handle.net/10356/80488This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons AttributionInternational License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/).Downloaded on 28 Jan 2023 15:39:39 SGTReview of Historical Geography and Toponomastics, vol. X, no. 19-20, 2015, pp. 29-47DIACHRONIC TOPONOMASTICS AND LANGUAGERECONSTRUCTION IN SOUTH-EAST ASIAACCORDING TO AN EXPERIMENTAL CONVE...