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Volume 1/Issue 1/2021Dialogist : International Journal of Literary Studies and Interdisciplinary ResearchFear is a strange feeling. It is at once a defence mechanismand incapacitating. Along with understanding the biologicalpathways of fear and, more importantly, the socio-cultural scenariothat creates fear needs to be explored. Usually, fear is consideredas a person’s inability to show courage in a situation. But courageovercomes fear when one is sure about one’s powers. And thequestion of power is political. There are two ways in which theMalayalam film Nayattu is linked to this emotion. On the one hand,it feeds on and legitimises the fear of the oppressor who finds theawakened, organised oppressed in the society as a threat to theirdominance. On the other, it creates fear in the oppressed, who arestereotyped as negative characters, increasing their vulnerabilityin society.Many review articles read Nayattu as an anti-Dalit filmand critique the message conveyed by the film that Dalits...