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Do comedy movies have lower ratings than drama movies on the IMDb database (#2407)Created: 12/19/2016 06:15 AM (PT)Public: 12/19/2016 08:17 AM (PT)Author(s)Zoe Woodhead (University of Oxford) - [email protected]) What's the main question being asked or hypothesis being tested in this study?People vary in what they find funny, therefore I predict that comedies have lower average IMDb ratings than dramas. H0 = Comedy films do not have lower average IMDb ratings than dramasH1= Comedy films have lower average IMDb ratings than dramas.2) Describe the key dependent variable(s) specifying how they will be measured.The dependent variable will be the average IMDb rating out of 10 for comedy and drama films.I will collect data by sampling movies from the lists of highest rated comedy/drama feature films with at least 25000 votes, ordered by descending IMDbrating.3) How many and which conditions will participants be assigned to?Two conditions: comedy and drama films.In order to sample fr...