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DIY NATIVE LANDSCAPINGASSESS DESIGN INSTALL 2 | CITY OF KIRKLANDNative landscaping is the removal of less permeable surfaces in your yard– such as patios or lawns - and replacing them with native plants and cultivars that have deeper root systems ASSESS YOUR SITE CONDITIONSDIY NATIVE LANDSCAPINGand amended soils. Native landscaping benefits the environment by improving water quality, preserving native plant species, and providing wildlife and pollinator habitat.Use this guide as a resource to help you plan and install native landscaping for your yard. The process includes 3 steps:DESIGN YOUR PROJECTINSTALL YOUR PROJECT123 NATIVE LANDSCAPING GUIDE | 3STEP 1 - ASSESS YOUR SITE CONDITIONSBefore adding native landscaping to your yard, take a closer look and assess the growing conditions so you can choose the right plants for the right places. Use the form at the end of this section to take notes on your site assessment.p Think about why you want to use native landscaping. Is it to:• Captur...