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BIOGRAPHICAL FICTION Albanese, Laurie L. Stolen Beauty. (Adel Bloch Bauer/Gustav Klimt) Albert, Susan Wittig. A Wilder Rose. (Rose Wilder Lane) Ashford, Lindsay Jayne. The Woman on the Orient Express. (Agatha Christie) Barnes, Julian. The Noise of Time. (Shostakovich) Benedict, Marie. The Other Einstein. (Mitza Marek) Benjamin, Melanie. The Aviator’s Wife. (Anne Morrow Lindbergh) The Swans of Fifth Avenue. (Babe Paley/Truman Capote) Berg, Elizabeth. The Dream Lover. (George Sand) Bracewell, Patricia. Shadow on the Crown. (Emma of Normandy) Brown, Carrie. The Stargazer’s Sister. (Caroline Herschel) Cameron, Rita. Ophelia’s Muse. (Dante Gabriel Rossetti/Elizabeth Siddal) Campion, Emma. A Triple Knot. (Joan of Kent) Chevalier, Tracy. Remarkable Creatures. (Mary Anning) Chiaverini, Jennifer. Fates and Traitors: A Novel of John Wilkes Booth. The Spymistress. (Elizabeth Van Lew) Cobbs, Elizabeth. The Hamilton Affair. (Alexander Hamilton/Elizabeth Schuyler) Dray, Stephanie & Laura Kamoil. Ame...