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COURSE OUTLINECourse Code / Title : HS3014 Health, Medicine, and SocietyPre-requisites : HS1001 Person and SocietyHS2001 Classical Social TheoryHS2002 Doing Social ResearchNo. of AUs. : 3Contact Hours : 39Course AimsThis course is designed to help you obtain a comprehensive and critical understanding of healthand society. Readings and lectures cover various topics, including the sociological determinantsand consequences of health, health behaviour, and health care seeking. Students who areinterested in the social and cultural influences on health may take this course. Alumni of thiscourse will be able to use course ideas or perspectives in their professional roles such as medicalprofessionals. Moreover, as this course will equip you with tools to analyze relationships betweenhealth and society, it will benefit those who plan to pursue graduate study in the field of medicalsociology or other health-related disciplines.Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)By the end of this course, you should...