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Note by the secretariat Informal document WP.29-182-12 182nd WP.29, 10-12 November 2020 Agenda item 2.3 1 Draft revisions of the ECE Road Map on Intelligent Transport Systems Following Decision 18 of the Inland Transport Committee (ITC) at its eighty-second session in February 2020, the UNECE Secretariat initiated activities, in close cooperation with relevant Working Parties and subsidiary bodies, to prepare a revision of the UNECE Roadmap on ITS. The secretariat consulted the Co-Chairs of the IWG on ITS, on the basis of the existing 2012-2020 Roadmap and sought guidance on necessary amendments to the existing roadmap. The secretariat launched consultations of the Working Parties and subsidiary bodies by using online collaboration tools. The Informal Working Group on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) also reviewed the input gathered by the secretariat and provided some editorial corrections and rewording to para. 11. The secretariat drew the attention to paras. 25 and 26 and noted t...