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Email: [email protected] ©Dean and Canons of Windsor www.stgeorges-windsor.org ST GEORGE’S CHAPEL ARCHIVES & CHAPTER LIBRARY DRAGONS AND SWORDS WORK SHEET Background notes These notes provide more detailed information about the life and legend of St George, and how he came to be associated with the Order of the Garter. Also provided are answers to the questions on the activity sheet. St George St George is one of the most venerated Saints in the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches. As well as being the patron Saint of England he is a patron Saint for many countries including: Greece, Ethiopia, Portugal and Russia. It is most commonly suggested that St George was born in Nicomedia (in modern Turkey) between 275AD and 285AD to a Christian noble family. When his father died George, aged fourteen, went to the city of Nicomedia and applied to be a soldier under the Emperor Diocletian. By his late 20s he had progressed to b...