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MATERIALS LIST & CLASS PLAN BEGINNING WATERCOLOR taught by David GardnerCOURSE DESCRIPTION: Draw and paint in your journal or sketch book or create paintings based on observation, memory or reference materials. Learn to see more; learn to edit what you see; learn to “say” what you want to say with your art, learn different techniques for various purposes. Grow in confidence with the tools of watercolor, awaken your creativity and grow as an artist. RECOMMENDED MATERIALS: Please bring a sketchbook, drawing pencils and a kneaded eraser to the first class. We will discuss all other materials the first day. • Graphite pencil & Pencil sharpener & kneaded eraser•Watercolor paper in a pad or block sized at least 9 X 12 and a clipboard or plexiglass or Gatorboard plus tape•A watercolor set [keep it simple and inexpensive to start; you don’t need a huge•number of colors, a selection of a dozen or so colors is fine]•2 pointed round brushes - small and big in sizes #2 - #10 and maybe a 1” flat. S...