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EFFICIENTLY PULLING IT ALL TOGETHERDrip Irrigationand InstallationThe ConservigationTMProcess from Netafim and Vermeer Drip irrigation is now three timesmore cost-effective.Drip irrigation has been shown to reduce water usage by as much as 70 percent. But up until recently, it required so much time to install a drip irrigation system that many found it cost-prohibitive.That’s why Vermeer and Netafim have teamed together to develop the Conservigation™Drip Irrigation and Installationprocess, a new way to install dripperlines.With the Conservigation process, you can use the Vermeer multi-blade plow to install up to three lines at a time, compared toprevious one-line installation methods. This three-line methodcauses minimal damage to the soil profile. So whether you’reinstalling an irrigation system or wastewater drip dispersal field,you can get the job done faster and conserve water.The applications are virtually limitless:• Residential• Commercial• Turf and sports turf• Wastewater• Golf...