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It’s been more than 15 years since most Tier 1 TMS systems were designed. The industry has changed dramatically in the last decade or two, from the way orders are processed to routing configurations to customer expectations of speed and flexibility. Today’s TMS landscape is riddled with bloated and rigid TMS systems – none of which can accurately or fully manage your current needs. You wouldn’t work with 15 year-old accounting software or cell phone technology. Why trust your logistics to a TMS designed for another era?A New Era We believe today’s transportation issues require a new design of TMS to manage them.3Gtms was founded to provide you with a wholly different technology: a flexible, configurable TMS that adapts to the modern and future needs of shippers and LSPs.Our Goals 3 Staff the most talented and experienced team in the industry3 Build the best product – no shortcuts3 Cultivate the happiest customersWhy 3Gtms? 3 Implementations take weeks, not months 3 Real-time saving cal...