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ED 081 653AUTHORTITLEINSTITUTIONPUB DATENOTEAVAILABLE FROMDOCUMENT RESUMESO 006 000Dufty, David; Scott, John AnthonyHow to Use Folksongs. How to Do It Series, Number25.National Council for the Social Studies, Washington,D.C.698p.National Council for the Social Studies, 1201Sixteenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036($0.25; Quantity Discounts)EDRS PRICE MF-$0.65 HC Not Available from EDRS.DESCRIPTORS Area Studies; Assembly Programs; BibliographicCitations; Choruses; *Classroom Techniques; Clubs;Elementary Education; *Folk Culture; *Music;Secondary Education; Singing; *Social Studies;*Teaching Methods; Teaching Models; TeachingTechniques; World GeographyIDENTIFIERS *FolksingingABSTRACTThe purpose of this bulletin, one of a seriesdesigned to aid the social studies teacher, is to indicate ways inwhich folksongs can be used in the classroom as a vivid reflection ofthe history and culture of the common people. An explanation is givenof the value of the use of folksongs in the social studi...