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E. J. H. Corner's Botany by D. J. MABBERLEY Bo/a11y School, Oxford The spirit of our little book is one of progress; although nodding to the past, we are looking ahead. Here then, is not the place to list the events of Professor Corner's life, his appointments, wanderings and honours: it has been done before*. What has not been written is that courses of Tropical Botany at Cambridge begun by Professor Corner and now, alas, discontinued, were an inspiration to generations of undergraduates and research students. Further, those beginning in less favourable surroundings and hearing Professor Corner as a visiting lecturer, have been led to see through the blinkers of that botany which is orientated to the plants of the temperate zone and peddled by the pusillanimous. These are the blinkers which have dragged the study of the whole plant down to the popular image of "pressing flowers", and driven many to the narrow reaches of the esoteric in pursuit of academic respectability. Of those fort...