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E. M. Beekman. Troubled Pleasures: Dutch Colonial Literature from the EastIndies, 1600 -1950. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996.654 pp.Liesbeth DolkIn the Netherlands, Dutch colonial literature as a field of research has attracteda great deal of attention over the last fifteen years. The starting point for this attentionhas undoubtedly been Rob Nieuwenhuys's literary history published in 1972 (3rdrevised edition 1978, 669 pp). His Oost-Indische Spiegel. Wat Nederlandse schrijvers endichters over Indonesia hebben geschreven, vanafde eerste jaren der Compagnie tot op heden(Mirror of the Indies. What Dutch writers and poets have written on Indonesia, fromthe beginning of the East Indies Company until the present) was an eye-opener andbecame a standard work on "Indies" literature.In his Spiegel Nieuwenhuys proves to be one of the first literary historians toapply his own, broader interpretation to the concept of "literature" by not restrictinghimself to the traditional literary genres, such as...