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* ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION OF PHYTOTELM- JREEDING ANURANS Richard M. Lehtinen Editor MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS I-- - - MUSEUM OF ZOOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, NO. 193 Ann Ahr, November, 2004 PUBLICATIONS OF THE MUSEUM OF ZQOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN NO. 192 J. B. BURCII, Editot* Ku1.1: SI.EFANO AND JANICE PAPPAS, Assistant Editoras The publications of the Museum of Zoology, The University of Michigan, consist primarily of two series-the Miscellaneous P~rhlications and the Occasional Papers. Both serics were founded by Dr. Bryant Walker, Mr. Bradshaw H. Swales, and Dr. W. W. Newcomb. Occasionally the Museum publishes contributions outside of thesc series; beginning in 1990 these are titled Special Publications and are numbered. All s~tbmitled manuscripts to any of the Museum's publications receive external review. The Occasiontrl Papers, begun in 1913, sellie as a mcdium for original studies based prii~cipally upon the collections in the Museum. They are issued separately. When a su...