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389RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY 2015Ecology and natural history of the knobby newt Tylototriton podichthys (Caudata: Salamandridae) in LaosSomphouthone Phimmachak1, Bryan L. Stuart2 and Anchalee Aowphol1*Abstract. Almost nothing is known on the ecology and natural history of Tylototriton (Knobby Newts) in Laos. Here, a population of the newly described T. podichthys was intensively studied in a 55,800 m2 area in Xiengkhouang Province, Laos, from June 2012–July 2013. Mark-recapture methods estimated 301 individuals of T. podichthys at the study site. Newts were abundant during the breeding season (June–July), with a maximum density of 8.75 newts in 100 m2 of stream. The sex ratio of adult males and females was almost equal and did not differ throughout the year. The population was sexually dimorphic, with females having larger and heavier bodies than males, and different cloacal morphologies during the breeding season. Males, females and immature newts (efts) used a variety of habitat an...