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IIGreat Bay NatioNal estuariNe research reserve ECOLOGICAL TRENDS GREAT BAY ESTUARYin the 20 Year Anniversary Report GREAT BAY NATIONAL ESTUARINE RESEARCH RESERVE AR-186 GREAT BAY ESTUARYAcknowledgements Several individuals beyond the Great Bay NERR and NH Fish and Game Department contributed data and information for this report. We thank Tracy Shattuck of the NH Port Authority for information on port activities and moorings in the Great Bay Estuary. Rob Roseen of the UNH Stormwater Center contributed data and text for the section on impervious surfaces and low impact development approaches. Phil Trowbridge of the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership and NH Department of Environmental Services shared insights that shaped the description of nutrient criteria in the estuary. Richard Langan, Director of Ocean and Coastal Technology Programs at UNH, reviewed the water quality section of the report. Fred Short of the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory provided geospatial data for the seagrass ...