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ED 211 783AUTHORTITLE:INSTITU'riONSPONS AGgNCYPUB DATECONTRACTNOTEAVAILABLE FROMMRS PRICEDESCRIPTORS.t.-.DOCUMENTRESUMECE.031 067Shapiro, Norma.Getting Down to Business: Bookkepitg SerVice Module'19:'Teache Guide. Entrepreneurship TrainingComponents.American Institutes for,Research in the Behavioral,Sciences, Palo Alto, Calif..Office of Vocational and AdulfEducation (ED),Washington, b.C.May 81)00-79-0535,.,8p.; For related documents see CE 031 026-101 and CE031 324.Wisconsin Vocationa l Studies Center, 964 EOucetionalSciences Bldg., Madison, WI 53706 (Order No\--iETC100K2 $3.00. 25% discount on 100 or more ofsametitle. Complete set--ETC100---.$200.00).MF01/PCO2 Plus Postage.Administrator Role; Advertising; *Bookkeeping;*Business Administration; *Business Education;*Business Skills; Financial Support; InformationSources; Learning ActiVities; Learning Modules;,*Money Management; *Recordkeeping; Salesmanship;Secondary Education; Teaching, MethodsIDENTIFIERS ,*Entrepreneurship; *Small Busi...