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Edgar Degas: The Little Fourteen Year old Dancer, 1878-1881, wax sculpture, 104.8cm, Havemeyer Collection, cast in 1922 The intention of this sculpture was to show an awkward adolescent girl. Degas was an impressionist who copied old masters in some ways. Edmond de Goncourt said, “Surprised by nature one side faced with the graceful twisting movements and gestures of these little monkey-girls… And it really is very amusing to see him (Degas) on tiptoe, with rounded arms, mixing the aesthetics of the painter with that of a ballet master.” Degas doesn’t neglect a single detail as he shows the Little Dancer at ease in her casual fourth position. The Little Dancer is Marie van Goethem a 14 year old ballet dancer from the Paris Opera. Degas changed her during 1880-1881, he made her neck extend more which created a monkey like effect although his intentions were to show an awkward adolescent girl. Through x-rays you can see Degas original head for the dancer started where her neck is now. So...