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Edible LandscapingAn often forgotten secret to happiness and good healthBy: Cory SuterPermaculture Farmer & Fairfax Food Council Chair of Urban Ag Outline of This Presentation•Intro to Edible Landscaping •How to Select Appropriate Plants•Best Plants for –Shady Conditions–Clay Soil–Evergreens–Decorative Annuals–Edible flowers–Northern Virginia, etc.•Where to buy Plants•Cory’s mistakes & Gardening success tips•Edible Plants around Daniels Run Peace Church Beans ‘Spanish Musica’ 22.3 pounds Chard ‘Rainbow’ 10.4 poundsCollards ‘Vates’ 11.4 pounds Pepper ‘Blushing Beauty’ 3.5 poundsTomato ‘Celebrity’ & ‘Early Girl’ 121.8 pounds Zucchini ‘Raven’ 39.7 pounds For Those with Time and/or Money: For Everyone: Replace yard-scaping with edible ornamentalsThe ‘Viking’ Aroniaberry bush pictured above is an easy to grow landscape plant that produces small round black fruit with three times more antioxidants than blueberriesMost fruiting trees & bushes have lovely fragrant flowers