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Journal of Eye Movement Research Chowdhury, B., Bhattacharyya, D., Majumdar, D., Majumdar, D (2015) 8,(2):4, 1-10 Effect of Dravidian vernacular, English and Hindi during onscreen reading text 3 to a multilingual and multi-ethnic occupational environment. Though verbal communication in English and Hindi may be effective for Indian soldiers, reading the written communication poses problem and affects performance to a great extent. Hindi in India is the most commonly used official language. In the modern era, the military operations are digitized across broad variety of applications for optimised rapid and uninterrupted communication among different command posts and control units. Less frequent exposure and unfamiliarity with the written form of a language may increase the rate of error and reduce performance, which may subsequently affect the performance of the individual as well as the other operators working under the same network. Thus, the question is raised that whether the use of...