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Elegant, durable, beautiful porcelain paving solutionsLANDSCAPING AND BUILDING PRODUCTSwww.brettpaving.co.ukGeoCeramica® Porcelain has come of agePorcelain paving has been one of the great success stories of patio paving over the past few years. The only issue has been installation using conventional Type 1 sub-base material where bonding of the paving has been hard to achieve. Now the solution is as easy as 1-2-3.Now GeoCeramica® makes it easy to install porcelain paving over a conventional Type 1 sub-base, for perfect, durable results, every time.Beautiful GeoCeramica® porcelain surface slabs are permanently and inseparably bonded to a drainage mortar base which offers excellent stability, strength, drainage and adhesion.Each pre-bonded flag unit features integrated nibs on all four sides which help to protect the porcelain face during transit and installation.Cementitious base slab, providing strength, stability, drainage and mortar key10mm Porcelain slab pre-bonded to base slabType...