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This handout was created using literaryterms.com and literarydevices.com San Antonio College Writing Center | Gonzales Hall 203 | 210-486-1433 July 2020 Elements of a Literary Analysis In order to know what to look for in a text before you write your literary analysis essay, you need to know your literary terms. Knowing your terms will be beneficial to you, so you can consider what you want to discuss in your essay. Below are literary elements to choose from when writing your literary analysis. Literary Elements: Theme – The message/es explored throughout a work of literature. Motifs -- Repeated patterns in the story, particularly the symbolic. Plot – The arrangement of events; consider chronol-ogy or use of flashback/flashforward. Setting – The time and place (or when and where) of the story. It can be time period, location, the time of day, the season, the weather, the type of room or building. Three types of setting to keep in mind are Physical, Historical, and Atmospheric. Characte...