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Authored by:Stefan M. KnupferVadim PokotiloJonathan WoetzelJune 2018Elements of success: Urban transportation systems of 24 global cities ContentsForeword3Preface4Methodology of benchmarkingCity selection7The user experience and urban mobility8Indicators: before, during, and after the trip9Geospatial analytics12Survey of city residents15Rankings calculation16Approach to rankings by transport mode17Core findings and observationsRanking by objective indicators19The relationship between transport systems’ development and cities’ welfare20The relationship between residents’ perceptions and reality21General patterns in residents’ perceptions22What aspects are the most important in urban transport systems?23Public transport ranking24Private transport ranking25Residents' satisfaction by transport modes26Understanding the elements of urban mobilityAvailability: Rail and road infrastructure, shared transport, external connectivity28Affordability: Public transport, cost of and barriers to privat...