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http://wso2.comhttp://wso2ELM Manages Identities of 4 MillionGovernment Program Users withIdentity Server ELM Implements Single Sign-on With WSO2 Identity Server to Streamline Administration, Improve Productivity, and Reduce CostsAccommodating Unemployment Assistance Program GrowthIn Saudi Arabia, ELM is a trusted provider of secure electronic services. Providing deep expertise in innovative and specialized e-services for government transaction and e-government initiatives, it is the first company in Saudi Arabia to have successfully launched a fully compliant e-government process. In 2011, the Unemployment Assistance Program launched to provide an allowance for all Saudi citizens who were currently unemployed and searching for a job. ELM had implemented the system, which included a portal where citizens could submit their requests, as well as applications running in the background that managed all the processes for qualifying the users and handling any payments.Initially, the project ...