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ENDGAME19-03 The Antichrist February 2-3, 2019I.Introduction A.Today is part three of our series called EndGame. We are studying what the Bible says about the end times. This is called Eschatology — the study of how Jesus returns and the world ends. B.Last time, like all good puzzle builders, we started with the outside edge, the frame. God has made some promises. And because some of those promises have not been fulfilled in the past, they must be fulfilled in the future. These promises are packaged in covenants, which from the frame around Bible prophecy. C.There will be a nation called Israel. There will be a king who rules there. There will be a kingdom of God on earth. There will be a millennium — a thousand years — of utopia on earth under the personal, visible, literal rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because with God, every promise is a prophecy, because God keeps his Word. What God promises, God delivers. D.This is the opposite of the devil. Because with the devil, you never...