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English 3201 Novel Study The Stone Angel Student Handbook Overview of the Novel The story is told from the viewpoint of Hagar Shipley, the protagonist in the novel. Hagar is seen at the age of 90 years attempting to come to grips and understand her life, as she reminisces about her childhood, her marriage, and her struggle with life through flashbacks in the novel. The story reveals Hagar's attempts to release her inner emotions and feelings in order to gain inner freedom and peace before her death. Hagar is forgetful, spiteful, and effortlessly exudes an endless amount of pride in her recollections as well as her present action. Her father, from whom she inherits her pride, was one of the early settlers of the town. The reader can see Hagar’s relationships with the different people in her life, from her father to her husband, and how she responds. The reader is taken on a journey through Hagar’s life as she remembers significant events of her past as her life is coming to an end. Sign...