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Providing customers with deicing solutions that save lives and enhance commerce.ENHANCED DEICER HELPS PROPERTY SERVICE BUSINESS STAND OUT FROM COMPETITIONWhen Jon Agg and his partner started their year-round property services business in 2005, they were looking for a deicing solution to set them apart from their competitors. At a time when most of the winter maintenance industry was using traditional white road salt, Pristine Property Maintenance in Toronto, Ontario, Canada chose something a little different. And a little greener.“The deicer we selected was a bit more expensive, but it was worth it to show our customers that we were more conscientious about the environment, and more particular about not scattering product on their lawns,” Agg said. Produced by Cargill Deicing Technology, the product Agg and his partner chose is called ClearLane® enhanced deicer. It’s a green-tinted granular deicer that has been designated as a Design for the Environment product by the U.S. EPA. The pro...