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Enthymema XIX 2017Viktor Shklovskyvs. Roman Jakobson.Poetic Language or Poetic Function of LanguageIlya KalininSaint-Petersburg State UniversityAbstractThe essay aims at analyzing the theoretical dimension of the evolving relationship between RomanJakobson and Viktor Shklovsky from the initial friendship, through the first tensions – Pragueand Berlin were geographical and cultural scene where this rivalry was made its debut – to thefinal rupture, which has usually been explained by biographical and psychological factors. Beyondthe personal causes, at stake there was rather literary theory and two approaches to it, linked withthe Prague Linguistic Circle, on one hand, and the Society for the Study of Poetic Language(OPOIaZ), on the other. If in 1923 the distinctions between the two approaches were not asobvious as was the personal rivalry of their founders, subsequently, however, these theoreticaldifferences would become the basis of disagreement between the two theoreticians, one of wh...