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Asian Agri-History Vol. 16, No. 2, 2012 (123–141) 123Full-length paperEnvironment and Spiritualism: Integral Parts of Ancient Indian Literature on Agriculture1YL NeneAsian Agri-History Foundation, Secunderabad 500009, Andhra Pradesh, India (email: [email protected])AbstractCurrent scenario, about two decades after the positive effects of “Green Revolution” plateaued, is very pathetic. The morale of farmers and agricultural scientists, administrators, planners, and policy makers is abysmally low. Major breakthroughs for increasing farm productivity to provide food to the increasing population have not occurred in the last two decades. Farmers are exploited by all other sections of the society. How do we change the current scenario?I believe it is time to study our agricultural heritage and relearn old lessons to the extent possible. The respect for environmental resources and spirituality that are embedded in our ancient and medieval literature needs to be seriously studied a...