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Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport HT12(14/15) Summary of Part II Decision Establishment of the TRICS Local Authority Trading Company West Sussex County Council, together with a consortium of five other County Councils (the ‘Consortium’), own a transport trip rate database (TRICS). The Consortium has considered the options available to secure the longer-term future of the TRICS database. The preferred option is to create a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC), to be owned equally by the Consortium members, in order to retain control and exploit the commercial potential of the database. The Business Plan demonstrates that the creation of the TRICS LATC is a commercially viable proposition. Full and complete financial analysis will be subject to further due-diligence. The creation of a LATC, to be owned by six local authorities, will ensure that the commercial activities of the Consortium are delivered in an appropriate manner and will enable the growth potential of the database...