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© 2018 JETIR March 2018, Volume 5, Issue 3 www.jetir.org (ISSN-2349-5162) JETIR1803331 Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR) www.jetir.org 358 FIFTY SHADES of PINK - EVOLVING FEMALE SEXUALITY in INDIAN CINEMA Aaquib Shehbaaz Usmani Dr S.K.Bhogal Assisstant Professor Registrar Delhi School of Journalism Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities Delhi University Shri Ventakeshwara University New Delhi, India Gajraula, U.P. India. Abstract: This paper analyses the changing patterns of how women’s sexual desires and ambitions are portrayed in Indian Cinema. The characters in my study portray the women of power, ambition and lust. They are not just puppets in the hands of the traditional norm of the society but strong women who are crazy and not emotional wrecks, who are courageous and not meek, and represent the ambitious, headstrong girls in Indian cinema who can make it happen. Introduction: Patriarchy has often set norms to control female sexuality. The sexuality o...